There are some builders that do a Quality building, and there are some builders that have affordable prices. It is hard to find anybody that offers Quality at affordable prices! 

My name is Ken Titus, a Little Rock  home owner and carpenter for 23 years.

I want your business,and I will save you $$$$$$$

Ken, 501-224-6451       email--


     affordable quality buildings--built on your lot!    

the highlights

Your new Building will be a useful addition to your property.

 A storage shed will give you a place to put items, so your garage or closets don't fill up! A workshop will give you a place to put your tools and do your Hobby or Projects!


Sheds,Portable buildings,

Little Rock Ar.

What makes these buildings better is more material.

Heavy Duty Floor-  2x6 on 12"center

WALLS- 2x4 on 16"center, Quality grooved siding.

ROOF- truss on 24", 1/2 decking ,25 year shingles.

Add to your home value